Clubsport WheelBaee V2.5 Future Ps4 support?

Quick question.

Will there ever be a version of the Clubsport V2.5 that we will have the option of purchasing.

While the Clubsport Lite is great in it's own right and decently priced as well.

Many of us cant help but wonder if we will ever have the ability to use the CSWV2.5 with your Pkaystations.

Perhaps Fanatec can manufacture their own version of a usb hub that tells the CSWv2.5 that it is a CSL elite thus allowing us to be able to use it for all systems.

Maybe have a CSL elite Button on it to switch compatibility?

This is a great Idea and I many of us are wondering and wishing that Fanatec would at the very least "consider" this as an option.

Thanks for reading and I hope to ge you r back from someone soon enough.

Have a Blessed Day 


  • Fanatec cannot go and secretly work around licensing agreements with Sony, that would be a very bad move. PS4 support for CSW v2.5 is fully decided by Sony, so nothing Fanatec can do.

  • Oh its an agreement that Fanatec has with sony then that doesnt permit this to happen.

    Oh ok. Makes sense. So if someone really wanted it to happen they would have to perform their own technological surgery on thebCswv2.5.

    That's something I could see myself doing.

  • Maxx ZimonickMaxx Zimonick Member
    edited February 2020

    Or, you could get an Xbox since Microsoft has no issues with Fanatec.

  • Guys jou already have this option on your csw v 2,5 wheelbase , i GoT my fanatec when csw v2 was working on ps4 you had too push 3 buttons on your wheel to get your wheelbase in pc red or PlayStation bleu or Xbox green mode this still works on your v 2,5 with only in early 2018 when i still had the wheelhub with forza wheel installed i still did use mu csw v 2,5 on my PlayStation 4 and had ps4 button control in game Every thing worked fine with the licence Sony gave that worked untill Sony GoT too sell and have Theresa own special wheelbase jou cann play games like f1 2017 mayby f1 2018 games after surfen datum Putt software licence firmware or bug in other thsn PlayStation licenced gear

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