Clubsport v2.5 compatibility

Can I use the CSL elite steering wheel with the clubsport v2.5 wheel base?


  • No hub or adapter needed? Just aforementioned wheel and base and ill be good to go?

  • Are you asking about compatibility between the steering wheel and the wheel base or compatibility with console (PS4) ?

  • Compatibility between the Clubsport 2.5 base and CSL elite rim.

    Im on PC

    Thanks for you time..

  • CSL Elite steering wheel P1 is fully compatible with CSW Base V2.5

  • Thanks guys

  • Hi guys,

    I have just bought a Xbox package clubsport forza edition and I have built it and asked around every where to get it to work. but got it to have the green ring and now it just goes lock 2 lock really fast!...

    I was told I had to install a driver and cant seem to find it, and now I am regretting buying it because of the shit you have to go through just to use it!!!

  • I feel your pain. It took me about a week to get my Clubsport package to work with XBox One. The Driver for the Wheelbase can be found inside the product detail. Basically, go to products, find your Clubsport Wheel, select it. Scroll down, you should see two tabs. The first is Descriptions, the second is Downloads. Under the Downloads tab, you can find the detailed product manual (which isn't included with the Wheel base), further down you can find a number of driver downloads. Pick the download that is compatible with your version of Windows, and the gaming system you want to play with. Read the manual completely, it will walk you through the process of getting everything working.

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