Is McLaren wheel gone forever?

I wanted to buy it for my DD2, but it’s disappeared from site.


  • Yes, quality and distribution issues. Just came in too cheap, cool wheel I wish it was 70 bucks more with better quality so we had another wheel to choose from and could pick this up.

  • It's a pity! I would like to buy 30sm GT wheel like mclaren... I had formula v2, but its too small for dd2 and hurts hands, now have Porsche, but 32sm is too large, and have 30sm R300 (now installed to bme), but with podium endurance there is no space for thumbs... so still wait ideal wheel.

  • Ebay normally has them second hand and WELL overpriced.

  • Yeah, I have the McLaren wheel and love it! It's a great size and feel and great for GT3. Hope you find one on eBay as worth buying. I've also got the Formula V2 and love that too, but would like fatter hand grips. Not sure if anyone has any ideas? I was thinking of using bike handle bar tape.

  • I really like my McLaren rim and for a CSL-line product the quality is really good. And besides some minor creaking noises it works fine on my DD2.

    I only wish Fanatec would bring some alternative steering wheels with 30cm diameter for modern GT cars. Fanatec offers a lot of F1 rims, but personally the 27cm diameter is too small for modern GT3/GTE cars. And the bigger Fanatec wheel rims are all round or D-shape, which also doesn't fit to newer GT cars.

  • Hamish RossHamish Ross Member
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    Just heard today (March 4th) - Some good news

    Thanks for your enquiry and interest in our products.

    "The CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 has been temporarily discontinued. We aim to make this product available again in the future, but we are not providing an estimated availability date at this time"

  • PS this was part of an Email reply from Fanatec Sales Team earlier today

  • Maybe better a new one CLS Elite Wheel.... Another brand like Lambo or Merc replica the MCLaren is my daily driver and need a vacation the handlers are losing rubber and with ACC the GT racers are more every day so another CLS GT3 Wheel will be a blockbuster.

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