Mercedes 2020 steering wheel

Formula 1 V2 steering wheel was the key factor for me to changing whole ecosystem to Fanatec. And now, after seeing this I find myself in question: Should I start saving for next steering wheel? It's so simple but yet so mind blowing way to add an extra input. Many games probably won't support it until it will be released in mainstream hardware (like a Fanatec) but imagine those possibilities to control your car entirely from a steering wheel. You would master your race craft to insane level. You would put your primogeniture that do not reach pedals into the cockpit and watch him/her/it (SIC! we live in those times) driving using extra input as a natural representation of acceleration/braking. That would be not so far from Cessna steering then how about use it for space simulation like a Elite Dangerous? There is one other group of people that would benefit of extra input - disabled people. For them could be race/not race factor. Something that could change their life or could be significant addition to rehabilitation.


  • It's illegal for next year's season and definitely can't be developed in time for this year's season so it's extremely unlikely that Fanatec will develop such a (illegal) system because no game will support it. It would be fun, yes, but I think we won't see such a system in the SimRacing world.

  • @Maurice You just made another reason to make it - Training device for drivers and tool for developers to utilise this feature in games on par with F1 season. Like I said before It does not have to be supported in game directly the same way as current 96 inputs in F1 v2 wheel, but I have nearly everything on it from ignition and start to anti-roll bars, and thanks to so many inputs I'm able to keep the same buttons config for all games.

    What I'm eager to see is an replacement for static shifter paddles that will mount in the same place but will add start/ignition buttons or if it is possible wipers/lights/indicators/horn stalks. Not everyone is racing. Plenty people drive American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and City Car Driving.

  • Wow, that's amazing footage and I didn't see that coming. Amazing technology. Thanks for sharing this!

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