csl elite wheel base turned off

my csl elite wheel base turned off and will not turn back on it has done it for a while but lately it does it when ever it felt like it now wont turn on at all. there seems to be a lot of play where it plugs into i dont know if this is the issue though


  • If there is "a lot of play where it plugs into" it is likely the power port has become damaged and is no longer working. I would start contacting Fanatec support, and hopefully you are under warranty still.

  • yes ... I just had the same problem also😑, only had it for a week now and I am enjoy racing simulation. 😉 I happy with my CSL ELite F1 bundle Ps4/PC😀 , now I have this power plug issue.😕

  • I had the same problem

    in my case it was a loose connection between the plug from the power supply and the coupling at the wheel base.

    looking into the coupling showed, that one of contacts was bent.

    to bend it back solved the problem.

    But be careful !

    if there is still warranty, you maybe better send it to fanatec ....

    To prevent the bending of the contacts, always unplug the plugs when moving the wheel base .

    another reason for the problem could be a broken power supply . Check, if there is voltage at the plug.

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