Should I buy Fanatec DD1 now or later?

I love my fanatec products (CSL Elite PS4, V3 and ClubSport Handbrake). Now i thinking to buy DD1, but now looks like that beta driver and productions are some little problems. Sure, problems always note but working product not. Should i waiting when new officially drivers coming out? Maybe two or three months?


  • I have a DD1 PS4, I did not have any problems with it on the official driver v335. So as long as you don't install the beta drivers you should be fine. When I installed the v356 everything went wrong and downgrading to official driver and firmware didn't help. My DD1 PS4 base was replaced by the fantastic Fanatec Support team. So why did I do the beta firmware upgrade? I had to, since I bought the Podium Porsche wheel with HUB and PBME. These items won't work on the official driver, so for that you either have to take your chances on the beta driver or don't buy the wheel before they launch an official driver and firmware for it.

  • Thanks a lot answering. I agree with you. I have only PC and im thinking to buy a new rim to DD1 base. So, maybe its better to waiting official drivers and firmware.

  • I own a DD1 and it has been at the service centre for 2 weeks and not touched, so I haven't had use for 1 month! Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't buy one. I had a Thrustmaster TS PC Racer, which was just as good. You just don't get the same level of inertia, or feeling constant road vibration. Check out Simucube 2 first. It would probably be sensible to keep the CSL as a back up when the other wheel is in for repair.

  • As you wrote, small problems, which for me don't effect my overall positive experience I have with my DD1 for 10 Months now (First Batch here).

    If you are happy with your CSL Elite Wheelbase you could ofc stay with it, as it is already a really good wheelbase. But if you need more power and torque to draw from, which was the reason I switch from a CSW V2.5 to a DD1, then it is a no brainer.

    But, as the prices are atm, I would rather consider the DD2 tbh. I got the DD1 for the original price of 999,95€, which was a good deal. With the new prices I had chosen the DD2.

    It all depends on your budget anyway, just my 2 cents. :)

    Your opinion has nothing to do with the performance of the DD1, rather the bad customer service you have received from Fanatec so far.

    Just because you have a bad experience with Fanatec doesn't mean others do. Im a happy DD1 customer, no problems on my sight, wheelbase performs as it should.

    If you couldn't race with your DD1 yet, how can you judge the performance of the base in the first place?

  • I don't know. I would opt for a CSW 2.5 and then wait a few years before delving into the Direct-Drives.

  • Like you, I have had my DD1 for 10 months - first batch, so don't know how you get I "haven't raced with my DD1, so how can I judge". I raced for 10 months with it! I've also been sim racing for 10 years! Sorry to say, bad experience is everything, as marketing is built on perception unfortunately. So I judge the wheel base on performance and on customer support and both in my view are lacking. Have you tried SimuCube or any other direct drives? I have, and I can tell you Podium is average, not the best in class. One bad experience my ass, I've had a few.

  • Okay my bad for misunderstanding, but to be fair you keep ranting on these forums everywhere!

  • Yeah, we all understand you are having a bad experience, but jumping in everyone’s post to trash Fanatec and de-rail every discussion is getting old.

    I had a bad experience initially with Fanatec, and I made a few posts to let Fanatec know how I felt, and then I moved on. If you are upset then keep your threads going. I support your posts, but I don’t want to read your posts everyday and in every thread.

  • We're giving an opinion mate! Fanatec is a good quality product and I want to keeping using them if I can, as I have many add-on wheels etc. The forum is helpful for us all the gain tips or get advice, so people should be honest in how they feel. When you spend over $3,000 and then are unable to use it for 5 weeks now, let's see how you feel?

  • I think the point is , you keep raising this point over and over. Your opinion and unhappiness is now documented here. You should focus your energy in communicating with the company directly. Hope you get it sorted but I and other readers want to continue to give and receive novel tips and opinions. The vast majority of your input is about the same issue.

  • The OP wants a public opinion.

    Instead of criticizing other consumers, maybe you could do your fellowman a favor and petition with him for Fanatec to respond better. People come here to solicit advice, feedback, opinion because we think Fanatec employees frequent the forums and can take this feedback back to their management.

  • Thank you Cassandra and to add to that, we have had a lot of supportive responses and as a result, given enough good constructive feedback on what we would like to improve with many suggestions. We all want to support a product like Fanatec, as long as they support us, as the consumer. The sad fact at the moment is they are not listening or responding.

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