Warranty expires while you wait to receive your order

For those waiting in the dark for shipments of products you have ordered from Fanatec you may be interested to know your warranty on the product you have paid for but not received is expiring while you wait. The warranty starts when they process your order.


  • Yep...I don't think its right to do that. Once things are stable I dont see a problem with starting as soon as the order is processed but with the delays...they should be working WITH the customer not AGAINST! We are the reason they can do what they do!

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    I agree my item arrived 5 days after my order & i lost 5 days warranty, this can't be legal can you imagine if the delivery was delayed for a two weeks .

    Your warranty should start the day your item is delivered not before.

    No we don't understand your logic this needs to be sorted fast

  • I would be totally happy with losing 5 days of my warranty. As of now my warranty has been active for about a week, and my order still hasn't even shipped as far as I can tell. If I don't end up cancelling my order, I expect to lose about 2 - 3 months with the way things are going right now.

  • I lost 54 days

    And sorry to Sabrina and her Clown CEO, but I do not understand why the warranty starts on the date I completed the order online. This was long before you even had anything prepared to ship from your warehouse.

    After all the shipping delays, lies, horrible customer service, and zero useful communication, it would seem real easy to change the customers warranty date to give some kind of accommodation for the complete failure of the business to create a positive purchasing experience. If they stood behind the quality of their products this would be an easy and no cost decision for them , but it seems they do not have the confidence to risk the business extending warranties to a useful period because I guess they believe their products are ticking time bombs attached to a clock waiting to fail rather than survive the normal 1 year of use by the customer who believed in them.

    So Sabrina and Dom (because you are the only one who seems to pay attention) I hope your clown CEO gets his head out of his butt and starts to pay some attention to customer service. Please do not misunderstand me when I say Clown, I am not referring to a highly trained Cirque du Soleil performer that amazes people, I am referring to a road show carnival performer who smells like hockey equipment bag, second hand smoke and dried beer.

    That is what I imagine your leader to be after my experience. Which must make him proud.

  • I do agree with others, and I'm not even sure it's legal in the US, Warranty claims would start the date a customer takes delivery of an item.

    Aside from the technicalities, it's frustrating to see the company not jumping on the opportunity to dazzle and delight customers - the odds of any one customer actually needing the extra xx number of days of warranty have to be extremely low, so the cost to the company is exactly zero today and likely close to zero as the warranty period expires.

    In my field of work, we call opportunities like this "low hanging fruit" it's a stupidly easy thing to do, that pleases customers, while costing next to nothing. A no brainer.

    To Jeff, I would push back and ask to speak to a supervisor. Sabrina could be a new hire, following a script that was created back when products shipped same day. Despite your vivid imagery of the CEO, Thomas Jackermeier, I believe he is an ok guy, he's a gamer himself, one of us, and I suspect that someone higher up in management would better understand how to handle this issue.

  • It's really uncommon to have the warranty start when customer takes delivery. The invoice date, e.g. when items are shipped from the warehouse is when a warranty period starts.

    In Fanatecs case, this is when you receive an email with subject "Your Fanatec will be shipped soon" and with an invoice attached. This email is sent when the order has been processed in the warehouse and is ready for pickup.

    Fanatec can't be held responsible for slow freight during a pandemic. They should however be a lot more clear about what the order status means and make sure that tracking numbers are sent out when the order is shipped.

    I didn't get a tracking number until my order had cleared customs in my country.

    I have no affiliation with Fanatec, but I have a great deal of experience with online commerce.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I completely understand your concerns about this. Of course it is unfair for the warranty to be 'expiring' due to a shipping delay.

    If you happen to have a warranty request during this period (just after it expires), we will take the original shipping delay into account.

    Believe it or not, we are a reasonable company and care about our fellow sim racers.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • I don't know what country our companies you have dealt with but everyone I have order with both gaming & industrial your warranty starts once you get an item.

    It is the company sending the item responsibility to make sure the item arrives when expected and if the items is delayed it's down to them to make sure the customer doesn't have warranty issues.

    You basically said that if you order hot food for example for your dinner today & you good comes 3 days late then it's ok.

    If that's the case I will open a food shop & you can order from me but don't expect you food to arrive until I feel to send it to you it could be on time or 2wks late.

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