CSP V1 Firmware Update.

Hi guys, first off all, I KNOW that there is no official support to CSP v1 anymore.

I've swapped the LC of mine, and after this, I'm experiencing some little signals at break pedal. Do you guys know any solutions that I could apply to solve this problem?

Already tried to apply some dead zone at Joycalib.yml at iracing, but every time that I restart the game, the little signals returns.

Thx for your time :)


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    Hi man, thanks for you time to try to help.

    What I mean by little signals from the LC is that spurious signals at the brake pedal.

  • Hi Rhay,

    We are always ready to help you even with our discontinued products. Our technical support gladly will troubleshoot and give advice in order to find a solution.

    In this case the problem could be related to the load cell, the PU foam inside the brake cylinder, the brake resistance potentiometer, or it could be caused by electrostatic issues.

    Also it can be possible that the replacement load cell hasn't been placed in the correct position.

    Therefore I suggest that you create a support ticket.

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