No Brakes ! Club sport v3 PC

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Noticed playing a few days ago brake would stay on about 1/8 of the bar..... recalibrated in iracing and still 1/8 in bar but I raced a few without notice... went to play today and no brakes register on iracing. So I checked fanatec and same thing no brake... both pickup the throttle and clutch.... but no brake..... did the usb thing.... tried to find fix but no avail.... says 1 week behind on support.... any one got anything


  • Have you checked all the wires to make sure nothing is damaged? How old are the pedals?

  • 2-3 months old..... wires all good, tried everything I have read in the forms. Looks like a bad load call I’m assuming

  • Good luck, I have the same exact issue. Only used for about an hour before they failed. They are brand new. Contacted support over a week ago, got a reply today that instructed me to clean the potentiometer. What a fucking joke. I am so pissed right now it’s not even funny. It clearly shows on my support ticket they are v3 pedals. Just a load cell and hall sensors. What kind of pot are they talking about or smoking? What the fuck? Filing a dispute with PayPal, credit card company and the better business bureau. They are lucky I live in Florida, otherwise these pedals would be trough their window and on the floor.

  • Yeah, i have read and cleaned,moved usb, reinstall firm ,reinstall everything. nothing. got a reply from service . Telling me to try firm, and usb to default. nothing. so they asked for a vid showing problem. so i sent the vid today, and asked if i could buy extra load cells for future break downs....we will see what the reply is ?

  • Any status/update? GUESS WHAT? I have the same problem. < 2 months old and no brakes. It's not like I was standing on them. I set the pressure manually, and lowered it considerably (compared to the pressure that 'auto-mode' required for full braking), Just submitted a ticket this evening - Monday is a holiday, so I'm hoping to hear back next week.

  • Not yet..... hoping they are on euro time... no holiday for them... hopefully tonight or tomorrow I get email....fn bummed... need quick..... I’m having withdrawals....

  • Just got a message, they are sending out a new load cell ASAP. But can’t sell me extra one due to supply..

  • It would be nice if they would get back to me. I filed a support ticket well over a week ago for the same thing, they told me to clean the potentiometers. No pots on v3 pedals. I have sent videos and still have heard nothing. I’m happy for you. Hopefully you will see that load cell before 2021. This has got to be the worst support I have ever seen. I thought pimax vr was bad, at least they call you back from China.

  • Email today says shipped..... tracking says delivery tomorrow... not bad for the customer service.... I understand about the delay the pandemic an all.... so besides The initial delay and the weekend.... process was handled very well.... wish I could buy more sensors.... racing don’t wait for cars in the garage...... see ya on the track... hope all works out for you guys..... don’t know if it helped but I bought the pedals from the maker ?

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