AssettoCorsaCompetizione MP1 and MP2 on Podium Porsche and Podium Racing Wheel F1 not working inGame


on both Wheels i can configure the MP1 and MP2 switches but during Gameplay this Rotary's are not working!!!

Anybody here where this Rotary switches are working during the Gameplay?

Example: i configure MotorMapping on one of those Rotary's but in the Game when i turn them it is not working, sometimes it jumps 1 up or down, but thats it!

Feedback welcome


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    In the tuning menu there are different options to choice from how the rotaries should behave. I think it was MPS setting.

    Now you have it probably in auto that mostly results in 12 different button values. That works in iRacing for example. There is also an option to change behavior that result in one button press when turning left and another for turning right for each click. I think you need the const. option.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, i already use "const" and tried now all other settings, but the same, the MPS do not work in the Game, they are configurable and recognized in the setup, but during the Game when i turn around, also single clicks with delay, not working, sometimes it changes but mostly not :(

    Any other advice?

  • Have you tried 2.5 mode ? Mclaren is used like this

  • Just Select the McLaren rim and reconfigure the other buttons to what you want, works perfectly with the Porsche 911Gt3 wheel

  • hi,

    i tried now with 2.5 mode --> not working

    i tried with DD1 mode and McLaren rim --> in settings page as before the MPS is recognized when turning slow, click by click and second delay!

    But during Racing it does not really work :( sometimes it recognizes a turn/click and mostly, 90%, nothing happens when i turn one of the 2 MPS which i configured for increase/decreas TC and ABS :(

    hopefully this will be fixed with next release

    @Luc Lucchesi: does this really work with your DD WB and Porsche 911 GT3 wheel during gameplay in ACC ?

  • with latest sw update everything works fine :)

    Good Job!

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