Quick Release issue


I have a CSL Elite for PS4 and a Formula V2 rim, whenever i put the quick release on it takes ages to get into Xbox mode or wont work at all however if I take the QR off it goes into xbox mode and works everytime, any help would be much appreciated cheers


  • It's not supposed to switch into Xbox mode automatically, you manually have to press the button combination to switch into Xbox mode. Only after a firmware update the wheel will default into Xbox mode.

  • Yeah everything is up to date in terms of firmware, what firmware should it be on just to make sure? As i said issue only ever happens when QR is on the rim

  • I have another quick release issue myself if anyone could help. My quick release is loose and now is becoming detached at the base of the ring by the spring where it attaches to the actual clubsport Xbox one drive hub. Is this an easy fix I can do myself or if I send it into fanatec can they fix it for me?

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