Tip if you dont have tracking number from UPS

I managed to find info about the packages by using my Fanatec customer number.

  • Go here: https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_US&requester=WT/
  • Click Track by reference number
  • Enter your customer number as reference number (customer number is on the invoice from Fanatec)
  • Fill in your country and postal code.
  • Adjust the dates if necessary, they must include the day the package was shipped from Fanatec
  • Click Track

You won't get all the details about where they are and stuff, but the most important part is there: Scheduled delivery date! (in a backwards US format of course)


  • Just an update. When your order status is warehouse processing, and you have received an email with the invoice, the order is most likely shipped. Try the above.

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