Podium DD1 Base stopped working 2 weeks after purchase

Got the F1 Podium DD1 base and wheel package 2 weeks ago, shipped directly from Fanatec via their US distributor in CA.

Was playing iRacing on all the recommended Fanlab and ingame settings from this forum. Was pushed off track in the race and hit a wall, which caused a bit of a torque spike, but nothing crazy. The base just turned off and won’t turn on again. I tried everything, when I press the power button, the logo flashes on the base screen for split second and the base makes a short high pitch sound and dies again.

I contacted Fanatech tech support via the online form several day ago, but havent heard back. Any suggestions from anyone would be much appreciated, as I absolutely love how well this wheel/based worked in iRacing.


  • Only advice is to take a video of the issue, if possible, show the power supply light in the video.

    Support will ask for a video before issuing an RMA.

    The only advice I'd have is to disconnect and reconnect everything, including the power cords, but based on your comment that the logo flashes, I suspect it'll have to go back.

  • Thanks Jack. Yeah, tried everything.

    At this point, hoping that someone from Fanatec takes note , since no one has responded to my submitted ticket on the website and I can’t seem to reach their hot line. I understand they are a small company and it’s a COVID situation, but this is not cheap equipment, so would be nice to hear from them sooner rather than later.

  • Got in touch with Fanatec tech support and they are going to issue an exchange.

  • Do you have the original packaging? Keep it if you do because they do not supply packing material if you need to ship it back to them for an RMA.

    I had to return mine after a month. I didnt have the original packaging and took the wheel to a logistics shop to ship it back to Fanatec. It was packed securely.

    Fanatec received the wheel and notified me that the package had been dropped or damaged in shipping. Still waiting to see the pictures of the alleged damage I was promised.

    The fact that they do not supply packaging for returns is ridiculous. Usually when you need to ship hardware back to a manufacturer they ship you the packing material they want you to use to ship it back.

    Now I may be out a wheel that they built and asked me to return to them but provided no packing materials to ship with. Totally ridiculous.

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