Podium R300 Clutch Bite Point

Hi there,

I just recieved my R300 Podium wheel today and was unable to find a way to adjust the bite point for the advanced podium module. I see that its possible to change the mode of the two paddles but not the bite point value.

Will this be added to fanalab in future or is there another way to set this?

Seems like this mode is not usable and customers should be made aware the dual clutch isn't possible with this wheel.



  • There is currently no way to set the Clutch Bite Point for your wheel because it doesnt have a DPad and a Display.

    Its possible that it will come sometime next year or so as a new feature in FanaLab but its nothing which is coming soon.

  • Wow sure wish i seen this Post before purchasing my Wheel rim.

    The website for this rim even states that a Clutch Bite point feature is available. I bought this wheel package mainly for this feature.

    What a load of crap and some false advertisement

  • Sure would be nice if it stated exactly which these are plainly. Was considering getting the APM for my Podium module (as it states compatibility with it) but realised that I'd have no screen/funkyswitch to interact with bite point setting, so it looks like I'd have to either nab their one specifically supported current F1 V2 wheel or find a used limited edition F1 wheel. I was planning on doing so eventually anyhow (after my wallet recovers from the Podium hub etc) but was hoping I could still use APM to its fullest until then.

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