Fanatec Handbrake

I’m trying to see how durable the Fanatec Handbrake is. I have 2 currently. 1st one broke, I ordered another while I sent the broken back for warranty work.

I do mostly drifting so I use the handbrake a lot. I admit I didn’t know there were plastic parts in it.

Before I ordered everything I watched a lot drifting and rally driving videos where they are just ripping the e-brake.

I wasn’t no where as hard as some of the videos I seen but it broke.

How it broke was the a bolt for the handle would back out during racing. I’d screw it back in not over tightening it many times. Then it backed out a lot and I noticed plastic threads on the bolt and it would not tighten and the handbrake no longer worked. The bolt screwed into a plastic knob that connects to the potentiometer.

Fanatec took care of it.

But now even with 2 I’m comprehensive about using it. I treat the thing like glass hoping it don’t break again.

Are you guys loosen the bushing it the back of the handbrake at all or doing anything else not to break it.

Or did I just get a bad one last time.

Not trying to bash as I want this stuff to last as I’m looking to buy a second Fanatec system.




  • Its not very well-made. They need to release something better, hopefully along with a new H-pattern with less of a loose feel.

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