Alcantara coming apart

The Alcantara cover is coming apart where my right thumb rests on my CSL Elite wheel. Wondering what solutions you guys have used to either repair or replace the cover (besides duct tape).. lol. Thanks


  • I was afraid of this, I have the F1 wheel, looks great and seems to be good quality, but I hate gloves in SIM racing and the Alcantara has me worried.

    Maybe try taking it to a upholstery shop.

  • @Tomas Helms If you have read manual then you know that gloves decrease not increase lifespan of alcantara.

  • I use those half finger gloves.

  • Anybody knows where i could get a belt for this base?

    My one covered over 3k hours and is already stretched and i am after beefing up pulleys but now its life time

    is gone - there is even a crack.


  • @Jason Schofield Nice, but it does not mean that you are half way as those are still gloves.

  • So it looks like I'm the only one with this problem. Does Fanatec offer repairs? I find it hard to believe nobody else has had this issue.

  • my 4 or 5 years old bmw rim is absolutely fine... and i used leather palm karting gloves for it too. my 1st f1 wheel was even older and that was also good when i sold it to upgrade to a v2 f1 wheel where the alcantara loosing bits and looks bad already with low usage. they simply use cheaper material now.

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