New SQ 1.5 Shifter jumps out of sequential mode.

OK. So everything was sweet with the SQ1.5 Shifter until I tried the sequential.

I've got it all working properly in AMS2, but before I can complete a lap, it disengages from the mode.

The mode change sliders at the bottom on each side seem to stop slightly short of the full extent of their intended travel, as if something is preventing them from locking home.

If I slide it as far as I can into sequential mode, firmly from both sides at once, and then go through a succession of gear changes, I can see the slider slowly traveling back toward the middle until the sequential mode fails.

I removed all the bottom mounting M6 bolts to ensure that they were not causing interference and ensured they go in no further than the depth of the base plate.

I'm going to have to open a support request I think. Unless some helpful soul can suggest something I may have missed. Thanks in advance.


  • Yeah... I do seem to have a problem. I just watched Barry's in depth strip down at Sim Racing Garage and confirmed two things.

    Firstly, the mode slider on my unit is not going all the way across and can not be pushed into alignment with the white "sequential" dot as it does on the SRG review.

    Secondly, it's a whole world of dauntingly complex, grease covered mechanical parts in there. A DIY repair is out of the question for me.

    I've started a Support Request. Lets see how that goes.

    Its sad because after such a long, long wait for it to arrive, I've been absolutely bloody thrilled with my Clubsport bundle. The shifter is really great too.

    I usually drive H pattern but decided to try it out. I was so excited to "throw the switch on the go" and change modes... then the trouble started.

    Typical 2020... SNAFU

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