Csl Elite WB 1.1 (Xbox / PC) with Podium Hub how to change SEN (wheel angle)

Hi guys,

I just ordered the CSL Elite WB 1.1 with the Podium hub and a custom wheel (without buttons). Now I cannot change the steering angle from the device properties nor the Fanalab Tuning Menu (will the base ever be supported??).

I there any possible way to change the steering angle??? hope you guys can help me out...currently F1 2019 is not that nice in sharp corners :(.



  • From the Podium Hub Webshop page in the compatibility description:

    CSL Elite Wheel Base V1, V1.1 and ClubSport Wheel Base V2

      Control of Tuning Menu not possible

    So no, it's not possible to control the tuning menu of this wheel base without using a Fanatec steering wheel with a display and a Funky Switch.

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    That's really sad men for a 550euro hardware that I cannot even change the wheel angle...

  •  if I use a Fanatec Wheel to set SEN to like 900wheel angel and I switch back to the podium hub will the keep the 900 angele setting? or will it switch back to 1080?

  • Ok did some more driving but this is insanse...just not driveable :(

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