Podium F1 - Wheel freezes


I own a Podium F1 (DD1 + Formula V2 Wheel + Advanced Paddle Module, PS4-Edition) since one month.

Almost every day I have the following problem:

At a crash or sometimes even just when driving the wheel freezes. The buttons are not longer working, the lights and display freeze. Everything else is working normal (FF, steering, pedals, ...)

Sometimes it goes back to normal after a few seconds. More often I have to either switch the base off an on again or take off the wheel and put it back on. Resetting to the pits or closing iRacing does not help. Since restarting the base helps, I don't think it is a physical connection problem between the wheel and the base. I use a low to moderate FF-Strength and it can even happen in the lightest crashes.

I have only noticed it in iRacing, but I don't spend much time in other sims. I use the newest drivers (beta, but it happend on the stable drivers too).

Today was the worst ever, I had the problem four times then stopped driving. It is really annoying, since I can't even reset to the pit (driving in VR without a keyboard nearby), or say sorry in voice chat. I lost some places in the official races last week, because I was suddenly unable to change gears.

Do you have any suggestions?




  • What driver and firmware are you running?

    Do you also use a specific screen on the Base? Or just the first screen with the fanatec logo?

  • Hi Martin,

    It looks like you are already in contact with support, who will resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

  • I only used the first screen with the fanatec logo so far.

    I'm using PC Driver 352, Base FW 669, Motor FW 38 and Wheel FW 28.

    I got some instructions from fanatec support that I will try later. It is basically cleaning my pc from all fanatec drivers and install 347. I will tell you the results.

  • Really? I would NOT install driver 347 as that’s NOT an official DD driver because a lot of users reported very bad feedback in regards to bad FFB noise etc. If you want to downgrade, then take driver 346 and the included firmwares but not 347...

  • Yes, they sent me the link to 347. I haven't tried it yet...

  • As said, better use 346 as 347 is broken for DD.

  • I got exact the same issue as op. My left shoulder got injured in a bike accident a couple of weeks ago, and I had to tune down FF below 10 in my dd1 settings otherwise it hurt too much to play. I found the problem first with driver 356, and then rolled back to multiple beta versions with no luck, all the way back to official release driver 335 still the same. Then I figured that it must be the low FF setting because it never happened before, so I re-installed the latest beta driver and fanalab and kept FF setting above 10, and the problem hadn't happened since then.

  • edited March 26

    I went to 346 and had no issues since march 10 and I was really happy. Today I hit the wall in Montreal and it happened again...

    I noticed one thing: In the rare cases, that the problem disappears after about 10 seconds, there is absolutely no FF for a few seconds. Then everything is back to normal. But this only happens sometimes.

    I think it is somehow track related: It happened almost every day on Nürburgring GP, most of the times in the apex of T1 (if not in a crash). It never happened in Zandvoort, even in the hardest crashes. Now in Montreal it happens again.

    Another thing is, that I only had this issue when racing online. I could not reproduce it in an offline session so far. And most of the times it only happens at the end of a race, never in the first lap.

    It is really frustrating :(

    @Alex Li: What sim, tracks and cars are you driving?

  • I ran into this with ACC and PC2, in VR. Recently driving in PC2 formula rookie and formula C, it got worse these days, happened in almost all tracks. I found that some car setups could make it more easily to freeze. Made a few videos for Marcel to help finding the root of the issue.

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