CSL Elite user - Should I go for the ClubSport BMW GT2 wheel or the new WRC P1?

Hey guys.

So about two months ago I went and bought a Fanatec CSL Elite V1.1 to use on PC paired with a Formula V2. I love it but I feel like playing DiRT Rally 2.0 and Euro Truck, or driving around street cars or drifting on AC and I can't do that because of the rim I have.

So with the newly released WRC P1, It got me wondering: Should I go for the ClubSport BMW or should I go with the WRC P1 one? I heard the BMW is too heavy and the FF might fade with a CSL Elite wheel. Thoughts? Thanks! :)


  • I reckon the Clubsport BMW feels more premium in build quality, but the WRC P1 is a lot lighter and will be better suited for your wheelbase given the available torque. The latter is also round, whereas the BMW is D-shaped, and if you are also doing drifting i would assume one would prefer a round.

    I used the CSL PS4 rim on my Clubsport 2.5 wheelbase for a while before getting the Clubsport R300 "podium" rim and the weight difference was really noticable even on that base. The FFB felt a lot different to me.

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    The BMW wheel feels great! Don't settle for the other wheel, you will most likely not be satisfied. The BMW wheel is driftable but I will say Im no frequent drifter. I play mostly rally games.

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