Subaru with Fanatec input controls

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Mark Puc visited QSP Products in the Netherlands and found this amazing car outfitted with our equipment.

Read the full article or watch the video:


  • That's awesome! When can we see you make that setup for sale? :)) I wonder what monitors they are using and size? Really cool setup and would be a blast to use.
  • Nice rig :)

    Not sure I can bring a full scale real car in my basement ;)

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    Nice rig :)

    Not sure I can bring a full scale real car in my basement ;)

    You're not sure? So does this mean you're gonna try? Please say yes. :)
  • You could probably pick a shell up from a scrappy nice and cheap, just take it apart and rebuild it in the basement. Not sure my Mrs would be too happy my placing that in my bay window though, dont think I could quite make it fold flat.

    And to me proves beyond all doubt Cockpit view is not the true sim view when you already have a wheel in your hands, the perspective is simply put wrong. As the monitors were halfway up the bonnet the view used should really have been bonnet view but still full road view is more realistic than cockpit view. Only one improvement I could recommend, should have used a single very large curved screen to remove the vertical picture breaks, ie 104".
  • The monitors are too far, the camera and FOV are totaly wrong. Put the screens on the place of the car windows and correct the FOV. Why having speedmeter rpm etc. on the screen and not in the car dash. The whole setup is wrong, just mounted CSW in a real car. Well nothing spectacular.

    A 6 DOF motion rig with 3 big 4k monitors 1 meter away from your face(correctly setuped) or Oculus rift is a way more spectacular than this.
  • Hi, hope you can help just got new with windows 10.l have V2 base with BMW wheel with V3 pedals.will the my fanatec gear work on windows 10 to update fware deta data
  • Mark. Yes. Most of us who use PC for updates and gaming are in W10 since its release. No problems. CSR Elite, though, needs pre-W10 OS. 
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