It's possible to erase wheelbase flash! Even without a hex file loaded!!

Are you kidding me? I just updated my wheel to the new 374 drivers and thought I might as well try to update the base firmware.

Got the typical default hex loading failed since I got this damn thing. Went into the "..." button to try and find a hex, didn't and cancelled out. At that point the "Flash Firmware" button weirdly enough became selectable and I accidently pressed space.

It went into update mode AND ERASED THE EXISTING FLASH! What a badly written tool, it didn't even check if a hex file was loaded before deleting the existing flash.

How can I fix this? The wheelbase is stuck on the blue led because it doesn't have any firmware to fall back to.

The FW I had was 628, can someone supply the hex file?


  • I just tried loading every hex file in "C:\Program Files\Fanatec\Fanatec Wheel\fw" without success. All of them said "Hex file loading failed!"

  • You could try running c:\program files\fanatec\fanatec wheel\fw\FwClubSportBaseUpdater.exe and see if that works.

  • The wheel is stuck in update mode, so I that .exe starts when I plug it in.

    Since I've tried using the hex files on the download page here on the forums, but the description makes me believe these are for the motor, not the wheelbase?:





    Didn't work, couldn't load the files.

    Bah, getting worried this thing is bricked...

  • Very frustrating indeed, I had a similar near miss with the DD1 firmware in driver 373- I hit that 3 dots, which brought up an open file dialog, then I hit cancel, and when I got back the flash button was greyed out.

    My problem is the wheel was stuck in firmware update mode so it wasn't detected by the usual fanatec control panel/driver.

    I was able to fix mine by running the firmware updater direct from the location above.

    I'd suggest the following:

    #1 open a ticket with Fanatec

    #2, on the beta driver forum thread for 373, mention Marcel Pfister in your post and see if he has any tips (He might respond faster than support does)

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