Question for recent buyers from California

Hello fellow Californians,

I was wondering how long it took for you to receive your purchases starting from the time the order status changed to " The order has been processed."?

Are there different statuses it goes through before you receive it?

Did you ever receive a tracking number?

Thanks in advance



  • Hi, the only difference I know of is that you pay sales tax in CA.

    The process works like this:

    #1, orders are handled by Fanatec.

    #2, if all items are in stock at the same time, Fanatec sends the order to the logistics company - your email will say it was sent 'to the warehouse' but it's not a fanatec warehouse it's a 3rd party.

    #3, that 3rd party warehouse will pick your items and ship them - my experience is that during the pandemic they seem to prioritize overnight and 2nd day shipping orders. I suspect during normal times, they get all orders out pretty quickly.

    #4 carrier picks up your order and eventually delivers it to you.

    In this process, I've gotten 2 emails:

    #1 - from fanatec, letting me know the order was sent to the warehouse.

    #2 - from Fedex, letting me know a shipping label was created - it has the tracking number and from there, I can see when the shipment was picked up.

    I've placed 3 orders, all were for in stock items and I did 2nd day shipping on all of them - in all cases the orders arrived in 7 calendar days or less.

    The most common holdup is ordering something that's not in stock, which holds the rest of your order.

  • awesome, thank you!

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