USB too short... (PODIUM DD1)

the layout options for my PC - wheel base (podium DD1) - monitor - cockpit is somewhat limited and i might need to use an USB 3.0 extension cord to run the USB cable to the PC. I read that we must use supplied cord to prevent errors or damage.

would you guys have inputs on this?

another option is to run a USB HUB where i can connect the cable from the DD1 wheelbase - USB hub - PC

thanks in advance guys!


  • I think the big thing is that the supplied cord has those ferrite cores a few inches from the connectors, to cut down on EMF radiation.

    I suspect you could use the cord provided connected to the DD1, and then use either an extension or a hub like you mentioned and would be just fine.

    It's also possible that a normal usb cord with an after market ferrite core would be ok, though I suspect such a solution would not be officially supported, and if you had any trouble, you might be asked to move your PC closer and use the factory cord.

  • thank you bro i hope it works out well =)

  • Just buy a longer cable. This is a better solution than using extensions or hubs. Buy a decent one and you shouldn't have any issues. If you suspect it is picking up electronic noise either move it to where it doesn't, or add ferrite beads - the former being a preferable solution (where possible) to the latter. I'm using a 5m cable without any issues.

  • i noticed there are ferrite ends which you can but on the market. can i just add this or its better to but a cable with ferites installed?

  • Makes no difference. EMI doesn't know if you fitted the ferrite choke or the factory did. :-)

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