Brand New CSL Elite F1 set Brake Pedals not working

I recently purchased a CSL Elite F1 set. It showed up while I was out of town, I just got back and I finally got a chance to set it up . The only issue is that the brake pedal does not work. When I go to the wheel properties, the throttle is recognized and works just fine but the brake is not recognized no matter how hard I press it. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting and still no luck. I know I did not pinch or break the cable, I made sure to be very careful about that. Please help. I was really looking forward to using my new wheel.


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    Is it connected to the correct "port"? So its not in clutch or handbrake. Can also try and use manual mode and click "set low" then press the pedal and click "set max". Maybe that does the trick.

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