Rubber Covers for Clubsport V3 Pedals?

Does anyone know of any rubber covers for the V3 pedals?

I visited a friend today and he has those CSL elite pedals and I found the large rubber pedal surfaces to be really comfortable with socks - I'd like to get something like that for the Clubsport V3 pedals,

Is anyone aware of any aftermarket rubber covers (either from fanatec or 3rd party)?


  • You could dip them in some plastidip! Works great for a ton of things.

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    You could also try some 3mm neoprene foam and stick it to the surface of the pedal. I've done that previously and it works perfectly well. You might even want a thicker neoprene (4mm, 5mm, etc.) but I find thicker material just compresses too much for me however it was very comfortable under a socked foot. I might actually return to that set up.

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