Brake pedal issue

For the past month now after fitting a new load cell (From 6 months ago), whenever I load up any game and the driver properties page, it keeps detecting minimal input and can be sporadic with high values or low values.

So whenever I exit a corner with the pedal fully depressed, it thinks I am braking...

I have reinstalled drivers, reseated the load cell again, but it isn't working.

Any ideas?


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    Try manual mode and set a new "minimum value" for input, or set a deadzone in the game.

  • I’ve had a set of V3 pedals since end of 2017, I’m on load cell number three.

    ive had your problem and numerous other issues with them over time, every issue has pretty much been solved by lubrication. If like me and your set up is used daily, lubrication must take place at least once a week.

    up until around a year ago I was struggling with them, I was using the grease supplied with the pedals and brake performance kit. Do not use this, it’s too thick and causes the brake pedal piston to seize up.

    since I started using WD-40 specialist High Performance PTFE Spray Lubricant I’ve not had a problem. This week my accelerator was being erratic, jumping all over the place under half acceleration, spiking up when my foot was still. Again the PTFE Spray sorted it like a dream.

    the PTFE Spray won’t damage the Foam inserts in the brake pedal Piston either.

    good luck hope the above helps.

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