Issue with an RMA


By the looks of it, I have a problem with an ongoing RMA. It was originally opened back in June but I didn't send it in back then because I was not sure if the issue (weak FFB on a wheelbase) was still there. Since it became apparent that it was I contacted support again in August and they said I should send the base in (thats how it sounded at least), so I did using the old return-label.

On Friday (04/09) they sent another email with a new label because these are apparently only valid for 14 days. There were no problems at the post office so I didn't expect that something could be wrong and when opening the RMA support said I could send it in whenever I wanted.

So my question is now: How big of a problem is that and what will happen to the package?

It should already be in Germany (tracking says only "forwarded abroad") and will most likely arrive before friday which is the day I always get the answers from support.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this.


  • Well, I got an email saying they recieved the package and the wheelbase is being repaired. So I guess it wasn't much of a problem.

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