Club sport v3 vs CSL Elite Lc brake pressure

I have recently got the v3 after having the CSL for a year or so, I find the loadcell pressure much lower on the V3, has any one else found this?

I do have the alternate pedal plates on, which are higher and could give more pivoting pressure I guess?

Has any one had this problem and found a workaround?


  • I can’t edit my first comment, I meant leverage rather than pivoting pressure:).

  • See your previous created topic

    by using the longer pedal plates you are further lowering the pressure needed to get full brake. If you want to have higher pressure you needed to make the pedals shorter. Or you need to mod your pedals and drill new holes to change the location of the shaft if that is possible with the angles...

    How I fixed it, I sold my V3 pedals and replaced the V3s with Heusinkveld Sprint pedals. They require 65kg of real force and it is way more difficult to get the Sprints at 65kg/full brake. Where the V3s for my feeling only need 35kg or something to get full brake and the CSL’s maybe something like 45kg.

  • Hi Gary,

    I own the inverted v3 brakes and that comes with a damper kit for the brake. I find the resistance can be increased or decreased with this whilst the rubbers in the performance kit affect the travel range of the brake pedal.

  • Thanks for the replies, I now have the original pedal fronts on and have put in the very hard elastomers from the Performance pack, there is a slight difference, I am unsure at the moment if it is enough, with the CSL there was enough headroom I expected the Clubsport to have at least the same. I have had the loadcell replaced by Fanatec and they have offered to RMA them, I am unsure if I am just expecting too much from them and maybe I like my pedals with a lot a lot of pressure but I don’t think it’s the case as I actually prefer a soft pedal with a good amount of travel until it gets to the point of locking the wheels. I do play in shoes or slippers which may not help.

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    Edit: I never noticed it before but I see what you mean. I always thought I had a strong leg but now i realize I’ve just been pushing too hard to begin with

  • I am interested what percentage the brake resistance slider is on other users settings? I am using a TS-PC Racer wheel so it’s connected via USB.

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