[Resolved] Please read before you support Fanatec

I am sorry for how long this is gonna be. I want to get the word out though and be completely transparent with how shady this company really is.

This is not intended for Dominic. He has actually been quite helpful through all this.

Was told to refuse a shipment due to a clerical error between myself and Fanatec, which I did. After 6 weeks of trying to get a hold through emails about the status of my refund, I received an email today stating that they only received 2 of my 3 packages back. Keep in mind I refused delivery, no signature, it never even left the fed ex van as I met him on the street when I saw him. Lo and behold they are missing the most expensive item, the CSW 2.5 wheel base. Around $600. The first screenshot you will see at the end of this is the post from Fanatec to me, today.

The second screenshot you will see is my refusal of delivery or a "delivery exception" of the order. Please keep in mind that "they never received the csw 2.5 back " However they did receive the universal hub and rim back.

The third screenshot you will see is all 3 packages being returned and signed for by someone at their warehouse.

Now this is the kicker, the fourth and fifth screenshots are from my order email from fanatec back in July AND the same screenshot of my delivery exception or refusal. Please be sure to match up the numbers that are circled and notice the package weight for the "master" shipment is 18.00 lbs, which is obviously the CSW 2.5 as the other two packages are 5.00 and 4.00 lbs respectively (hub and rim)

Isn't it funny that the most expensive item on the order never made it back to them even though it shows a 3 piece shipment and all 3 packages green and signed for in La Mirada, CA? This is absolutely a joke of a company.

Beware, we all know of their piss poor customer service but for them to try and pull this off is just asinine. I will never spend a dime on a piece of Fanatec equipment again.


  • I have been in contact with Denny privately. The matter is resolved, but obviously this is a situation that should never happen in the first place, and we will take steps to improve our processes.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    Thank you Dominic for your invaluable service to the community on behalf of both customer and company. You are indeed a valuable asset.

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