Where is quality support?

edited September 2020 in Pedals

After requesting support 10 days later I get a response to clean the potentiometers on cs v3 peals. There are none on these pedals. Then early this morning got a message to check cables. I replied right away. Now silence once again. All day with no response back? All I want is a friggin load cell o I can Fix the brake pedal myself. WTF is going on? Others with the same issue that submitted for support after me have already stated that they were being shipped a replacement. Fanatec has lost any future purchases from me and I can not recommend buying from them if service is a factor in your decision to buy. It should be considering the countless failures posted here on these forums. I have even sent PM’s to Dominic Brennan as he states to do with absolute silence in return.


  • Support by email leaves a lot of room for improvement, phone support on the other hand was a different story. After a brief, friendly call my issue was resolved.

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