Support stopped responding, filed PayPal claim

After 2 weeks now with little help from support I have had to file a claim with PayPal over failed brakes on my cs v3 pedals. They did respond telling me to clean the potentiometer which does not exist on the v3 pedals and to check cables. After that nothing. I am so stressed out about all the money I have spent it’s disheartening. I expected so much more. Without the pedals what is the point of all the other equipment I have purchased? It is now past the 14 day refund period, I feel so stupid and ripped off....


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Christopher,

    I understand you were able to speak with a support agent today and make some progress with this case.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Yes I called Germany, can’t wait to see the cost of that

  • David SmithDavid Smith Member
    edited September 2020

    Very strange you would have gotten a problem with the V3 pedals Christopher. They are amazing pedals and quite durable with many happy users. I myself bought one recently following reviews. Hope it turns out to be something simple and gets sorted out ASAP.

    I'm curious to know though. In what way is the brakes giving problems or failing as you say? And which platform are you running on?

  • Hello David, running on both PS4 and pc. Used them for about half an hour on PS4 and they were constantly getting stuck half on then I noticed they were fully depressed. Took load cell out to inspect, no loose wires etc and reinstalled. Next use I pressed the brake and they froze at the fully depressed state. Switched games and checked calibration, still showing fully depressed. Switched over to pc and loaded wheel properties page, no response whatsoever from brake pedal. Gas and clutch no problems. Went back to PS4 loaded game and full brake still applied. Checked again on another PS4 game brakes fully engaged.

  • David SmithDavid Smith Member
    edited September 2020

    Wow. That is really strange. Never heard of that before with the V3s. Gotta be something funky with the brakes in true if the issue is only the brakes and not the other pedals. Must be extremely frustrating. Hopefully customer service will sort you out and you've got a good guy in Dominic following up so I think in the end you'll be fine.

    EDIT: Did you previously adjust the red screw on the shaft and if so to what level of adjustment?

  • It was first time using them so I left it alone. Softest setting, but I did check to make sure it was within the limits of what the manual said.

  • Right. That is what I was getting at. Whether it was within the limits. I see you took the time to read the manual.

  • Ended up calling fanatec in Germany during their business hours. Talked with a support agent and he sent out a new load cell within a couple of days. Received it on and it fixed my problem. Support via mail is horrendous. However, phone support was polite, quick and easy. Thanks for taking care of me.

  • I am having the same issue emailed them over a week ago and they are not responding to anything. I also placed another order with them the shipment was created on 2/5 and never left the warehouse. was suppose to be here today. That they answered. But im pretty sure that wont be here anytime soon. Im more upset about my pedals i think i need a new load cell as well.

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