Can't update Motor Firmware DD1 (motor firmware stays on 0)


I had this question also in the general fanatec page, but i think it belongs here in hardware discussion haha

After a race break of almost 2 weeks, i put my DD1 on again (without rim) and there was a little strange smell, and the DD1 goes off, after that i try'd put the DD1 on, and only what happens was the the fan 100 % goes on when i push the button on the back, i did this 3 times and after that the DD1 goes on. I thought, oke no worry's haha. Than i put Iracing on, and the force feedback felt strange, slow, and strong and much damping. I pushed the little button on my V2 rim, and saw that i couldn't change the naturial damping and some other settings, so now i know something is wrong. I go back to the Fanatec Property page and on the Update tab, i saw my Motor firmware is "0" ... when i push that update button, my Proberty page closed and nothing happens. I looked on google and the forum, and saw a method to go to the motor firmware program, i used that and i get a fault message (see the picture) I try'd also different usb ports and different firmwares (the newest and also some older ones) nothing helps. I did also test it with a other rim (porsche 918 rsr) with no succes. Have someone the same problem ? Or know about it, please help :) I did mail Fanatec service but no response back yet (2 days)

Sorry for my strange english (not my normal language) and long story haha


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