Brake Pedal Shows Pressure (Blue bar) in Properties, when NOT depressed? See screenshot.

CS V3 Pedals plugged into CSW V2.5 which is running on PC.

Fanatec Wheel Properties, Clubsport Universal Hub Function test. Brake's load cell is set to 1.

As can be seen in the screenshot, the function test shows a blue bar as if the brake is depressed even when it is not.

I do not want to be driving around with my brakes on all the time!

Is there an explanation for this or is there a problem with the hardware?



  • Enable manual mode and calibrate a deadzone

  • I reread the manual and I noticed it said you have step on the brake to its full travel point after you restart the wheel. Seems sort of strange but it worked. The setting reset properly.

    thanks for the suggestion.

  • It can only automatically calibrate if you cycle the pedal travel.

    But like Maurice set I would also enable manual mode and calibrate there. Your pedals will be more consistent, with always the same travel. Especially on the brake pedal it can be annoying in auto calibrate the first few brake zones or maybe even later on.

  • Thanks both of you for the advice. I am looking at how to manual set it right now...found check box under settings and ....I see it changes the function test so you can set min and max. I am guessing you set the minimum after a slight depress and that gives you the "dead zone" and then set the max. Very good!...thanks!

  • I have the same on my CsL elite pedals with LC. I’ve found I have creep and continually having to reset the min brake

  • Yea, I tried the manual setting and that didn't work so great either...have to give it another go.

  • Hi,

    I recently bought a CS Pedals V3 along with a Podium Racing Wheel F1. I use a PlayStation. At first everything was ok, but after a few days as soon as I turn on the Podium Racing Wheel, the engine on the brake starts to turn and stops only when I open the game and start playing. Why is this happening and what can I do to change it?

    Many thanks

    Sinisa Nikolic

    Belgrade, Serbia

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