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  • Update on my order from April 16th, everything besides the shifter was delivered on 22-May. Shifter is still not here, looked on the order today and it has now changed from 5-June to 3-July?! This is so frustrating that they can't get the dates right, it almost makes me feel like the shifters are not going out in the order in which we placed orders.

    Sent another email to Fanatec and will hopefully get a response and some clarification. Fingers crossed they can get this together because I'm otherwise loving the equipment I have received so far.

  • hello, can you please explain why my order (1079801) originally due for shipment late Jun has now moved to late July without any notification or correspondence

  • Hi there. I was wondering if you guys can recommend me about what to do, mostly those that bought available products through this covid-related availability problem with Fanatec. I don’t know if it’s worth to wait until mainstream products will be available, which is in fact really unpredictable, or just do “the sacrifice” and buy whatever combo is ready to ship (obviously, i cannot afford a big jump from csl starter kit directly to podium combo; just a csl base with an expensive wheel). About the last option described, delivery times once it’s ordered will be the key to take my decision.

    thanks in advance

  • I have the same problem on my side. I placed the order on May 17th and since the bundle (DD1 + F1 Wheel + Pedals V3) I got was listed for availability on June 5th I've been waiting paciently to receive updates from you until this day. So today is 5th and I just want to know what's the ETA on my order.

  • I can relate to the majority of folks on here. My order was done on 4/28 for preorder of 5/28. CSW 2.5 , a rim, v3 pedals and shifter. I thought I can wait a month considering everything happeing in the world. Then my order changed to Jun 3. OK no problem, another week or two.

    Now it has been moved all the way out to Aug 11. What the hell Fanatec? So instead of 4 weeks as initially thought. I am looking at another 10 weeks for a total 14 weeks to get some gear. I have sent them 2 emails No response from the intial email which i waited 10 business days for a resposne.

    Like many I find it to be poor business practice to collect peoples 1000+ dollars /euros for an order and then not provide the product nor provide any updates at all regarding delays.

    Yet I can see some of your sponsored people already providing youtube reviews on the 2020 FI limited wheel. Was ist los? You have a warehouse full of the limited edition wheels but you don't have any stock on your daily bases and wheels. There are people that ordered items like bases and wheels in the last week and have alrady received them,

    SO then is the question? Do I cancel , reoder an hope for better results. including my refund. Or do I ride it out?

    I hope that you get this mess it wired tight quickly. Considering this is my first time dealing with Fanatec.,i have to say it is unsatisfactory.


  • I think most of us here are frustrated because we are waiting blindly without any reply from your sales team. I placed an order in May for a "pre-order" wheel base that was supposed to be available on the 12th of June, currently on the website its says "availability 31st July". My question now is, do i need to wait until the 31st? Purchased from FANATEC AUSTRALIA. Please clarify so that i can take action to cancel and find other wheel base..

  • hopefully i get a shipping number today?

  • Good luck with that. I ordered in April and haven't gotten mine today.

  • Yup ordered may 12th and was assured shipment would happen today by our community manager Dom, knew i shouldnt have gotten my hopes up.

  • This was my day (June 12), according to my order. Not heard anything. My order got pushed back a couple weeks. A guy in one of my leagues ordered his stuff the day after I ordered mine, and he got his. Only difference in our orders, was I ordered dampeners.

  • I love how fanatec emailed me saying my order would be dispatched june 12th (We will dispatch your order on Jun 12, 2020 as the CSL Elite Racing Wheel (part of your ordered bundle) will finally get back in stock then.) and wow would you look at that it didn't get dispatched, order status still says The order is in process.

  • At least you got a teaser email.

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
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    I’ve now been pushed back to September 2. I’ve been offered a partial for june 26, for everything except the brake performance kit, so I took that offer, for fear that when September comes around, something else on my order will no longer be available.

    Fanatec’s order process is broken. They only pull an order when everything is in stock. They should pull orders as soon as they are made, and stage them. When new stock comes in, distribute said stock, first come, first served.

    it should be done this way, because they already have our money.

  • There is a brake performance kit on eBay for $150.00.

  • I ordered my Forza bundle 4/17, looks like I wont get it till sometime after Aug 7th.

    It would be great if everyone would come here and post when they actually receive their products. So I can get my hopes up! ;-)

  • I understand there is a global pandemic , but this is ridiculous, my order (1075875), has had yet another delay of over 2 months, why are you still taking preorders if you cant even fill the original orders. Where are the updates on product availability, I did not order a $700 bundle in May to receive it the last week of August. There is a massive lack of communication between your website, sales and production team, because twice I have been informed that my order would ship and twice I have been lied to by someone. I would like a response before I cancel and obtain my refund.

  • Yeah I think they are using the pandemic which is now slowly getting back to normal in a lot of countries as a very poor excuse. I can order things from other companies all over the world and there isn't much of a delay if at all.

    The simple lack of communication from this company, a company where most of their products are very expensive is getting close to the worst I have ever experienced. I emailed them weeks ago and still haven't received a reply.

    Now I will leave you with this thought. This is direct from their "About us" page.

    "Support: Customer satisfaction is not only our support team’s highest priority, but ranks among the highest within our entire organization as well. We not only see solving any questions which may arise with regard to our complex products as our obligation but as a chance for us to effectively improve in accordance with the wishes of our customers."

  • I’m glad my brother has been a Fanatec user for a few years. He’ll be able to walk me through the setup, if I ever get my $1,000 worth of gear.

  • Christmas is just around the corner!🤣 Maybe my order will get here in time to put it under the tree.

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
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    That’s a scary thought.

    edit: I just noticed the cancel button is no longer available on my order. What could this mean? It says partially processed, as I requested partial shipment.

  • I have the same issue here.

    Every time one of my components is ready, it goes back in pre-order the 'next' day.

    What seems to be a problem is that part of the order are getting available, while the rest remains in pre-order. If your order is not fully available, they dispatch what you should get to an other order. So in the end, if you have a big order, you're more likely to get delays.

    Sending an email has yielded no result too.

    I had expected more (for small or big orders)...

  • If I would have known what I know now, I would have placed multiple orders, of one line item each. I probably would have had everything a month ago.

  • Here's the status of my order:

    April 22, 2020, I ordered:

    CSL Elite Wheel base v1.1, ClubSport Steering Wheel R330 (comes with Universal Wheel hub for Xbox/PC), CSL Elite Pedals LC.

    My experience was basically waiting with no communication for over a month, until Dom was nice enough to look into my order and recommend they do a partial fulfillment. Yay, right?

    So today, June 16, 2020 I received 3 boxes from Fanatec. I got the wheelbase, the pedal base without the loadcell, and the steering wheel by itself.

    So while I'm somewhat happy that after 55 days, I got some things from my order, I still can't actually use any of it until, at least, the universal hub shows up. Which now says July 24. So not really yay. Everything was supposed to be available, except the loadcell, on April 22.

    So warranty starts on products that I won't be able use for what appears to be, at least another month, provided that the loadcell kit and universal hub are in stock at the same time.


  • Yeah, tip to anyone placing an order. Multiple 1 line item Orders seems like the way to go.

    I’m afraid my partial, which is supposed to be the CSL elite wheel, club sport V3 pedals, and 2 dampeners are going to be short. It’s the brake performance kit that is way off into the future.

    my brother told me guys are getting stuff in, and had no idea it had been shipped. Hell, if I order a tshirt from eBay, I’m told it’s coming. This would be the first time EVER, that I ordered something, and not get shipping notifications.

  • And to add insult to injury, all the resellers I've been looking at, all have the universal hub available.

  • Anything Fanatec on eBay is going for a premium. People are bidding high on used gear. One guy has the $29.99 brake kit up for sale for $150. All the buy it now auctions are inflated. If I did not want my gear so bad, I could resell it for 150-200% profit. I’m not going to do that. I want my stuff.

  • Seems like there’s almost new stuff showing up on eBay everyday for a premium! Wonder if some people are just trying to flip stuff for a quick profit?

  • Jamie MorrowJamie Morrow Member
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    Another person agreeing with most that has been said here. Super disappointed in the delivery time and more importantly the lack of customer service from Fanatec. I placed an order for over $2000 worth of equipment in May with an availability date of June 12th. My order is still showing an availability date of June 12th, but obviously its not here, ive had no communication and zero response to my emails (one from three weeks ago not regarding delivery times, but just a separate question regarding my order).

    Asking customers who you have taken significant amounts of money from not to contact you when you have failed to deliver on an agreed timescale does not fly and frankly the balls for a CEO of a company to come out publicly and say that is beyond ridiculous, as is his 'its everyone's fault but ours' attitude. Every other company in the world seems to be able to communicate with their clients even during corona. As an example.. I had an issue with my internet last week, phoned Comcast, got through to an agent immediately (who was working from home as all of their agents are), had an engineer at my house within 48 hours, equipment found to be faulty, new equipment arrived the next day. And to cover the 'excuse' of unprecedented demand for sim equipment... cable companies are in exactly the same boat dealing with unprecedented demand.

    Im heavily involved in the industry and advise many of my coaching clients what sim gear they should be considering and im afraid that following this experience I will be actively steering people away from Fanatec.

    Ps: Fanatec: any updates to my order status, a reply to maybe one of my emails or just shipping the items ive paid for would be great... if that's not too much trouble.

  • People need to chill out. They said they are behind in answering all the shipping complaints and behind in all the orders. It's a classic case of a fairly niesch company getting sudden popularity in their products and unable to ramp up production fast enough. They need to employ more people and change processes to facilitate a larger scale and all in a time where things are tough anyway. The financials look solid, the stock has spiked due to the high demand. Just buying the stock would have financed my purchase anyway. Unfortunately I realized that too late..

    Also remember that they need to expand in a way which is reasonable because demand will fall again.

    We'll get our stuff, it will just take more time than expected. Probably the sales guys are working from home and have their kids at home atm and that alone will lower your productivity. What I'm saying is: have a heart. They're not giving you a run for your money, they're coping with a difficult situation and trying to meet the sudden huge demand. And be happy you ordered before they raise the price..

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