CSL elite pedals LC not working out of box

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I cannot get these pedals recognized by my computer. I've tried downloading the drivers and launching whatever program it talks about in the manual but I've had no success. I've also tried both RJ-12 to the base and USB via 3.0 to the computer. I also didn't receive a clubsport USB adapter it doesn't seem like I need one now that they have a USB connector on the side of the LC module. Also yes can get the wheel to work but it still doesn't recognize it in device manager.

-Win10 64bit

-CSL Elite Wheel Base

-CSL Elite Pedals LC


  • If your PC is seeing the base but not the pedals I would contact support.

  • I recently purchased the CLS Elite LC set and had a similar issue that near drove me crazy. If I connected the pedals directly to my PC via usb or to the wheel base they would work ok. However, when mounting them to my rig, they would never connect no matter which method. I finally narrowed the issue down after I took each pedal and mounted them separately to my rig. They would remain connected until I got the gas pedal bolts tightened.

    If you look on the bottom of the gas pedal you'll see a plastic cover with three screws. This piece also has the pot and it's gear assembly mounted to it. Remove the three screws, pop the plastic piece out, and I found that a white wire was being pinched between the plastic cover and metal frame of the pedal. So, when tightening the pedals down to my rig, the additional pressure was "sandwich'ing" those parts together enough to almost cut through that pinched wire. But definitely enough to make metal on metal contact causing the pedals to short out and disconnect. Its an easy fix if this is your issue. Just move the wire out of the way and repair it if needed.

  • salve a tutti ho lo stesso problema con il pedale dell'acceleratore non mi viene riconosciuto come posso risolvere

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