Friends Clutch, buy a load cell?

edited September 2020 in Pedals

So my mate has purchased all 3 pedals and only uses the accelerator and LC

if I had his clutch, could I just buy the LC and get going, I have a custom rig so would be inverting them to wood and wouldn’t need the heal plate or support bars.

would I need any other cables or am I good to go from just buying the LC and having his clutch pedal as accelerator


  • If you're talking about the CSL pedals, then if you buy the load cell pedal upgrade kit, it comes with the controller and you could technically plug your friends old CSL clutch into the accelerator port on that controller, and it would work - be aware that the clutch pedal has a different stop point than the gas so I think you'll loose a bit of travel.

  • Brilliant, I’ll order the LC then thank you.

    im under the impression it’s the same pedal with a slighter larger foam wedge so we’ll give it a go

  • I have a sneaking suspicion you'll run into problems.

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