CSL Elite Xbox Wheel Disconnecting

Yesterday I got a V2.5 base, Formula V2 wheel and CSL Elite Xbox Wheel - the final for drifting. I ran laps for a few hours using the Formula V2 (and holy crap am I in love with that wheel and the V2.5 base) but after switching to the CSL Elite wheel to do some drifting I lost control in game. Looking at the joystick control panel the base had disappeared. I removed the wheel, the base came back, reattached the wheel and it was detected. But then about a minute later it just disappears again - and this cycle continues.

It seems there is something defective with the CSL Elite wheel, I confirmed the base's firmware is up to date and I don't think the CSL wheel can be updated (at least I see no way to do so). Did I just get a defective wheel or am I missing something?


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