Using SQ1.5 Shifter AND paddles in-game?

Just got a V2.5 base, Formula V2 and CSL Elite wheels - in the past I would use a tool called JoyToKey to map the paddles on my Thrustmaster TX base to a keyboard key (U/D) and then do the same with the SQ1.5 - that way in game I would bind up and down to those keyboard keys and I could use either the paddles or the shifter depending on what I wanted.

This doesn't work with the v2.5 and Formula V2 wheel, no matter what I bind the game (Project Cars 2 is all I've tested with) will only use the paddles, it completely ignores the keyboard binds. I have the SQ1.5 connected separately via USB with the adapter (as it'll be challenging to run a cable all the way up to the wheel base).



  • Hey Ross,

    if you'd connect the CSS through your base you could map the SQ shifter to your paddles in the property page.

    Afaik this is currently the only option.

  • Would that let me use either of them while playing, as in I could use the paddles one second then use the SQ1.5 the next or do I have to switch it in the driver and choose one or the other?

  • you can use both without needing to switch anything in the driver once you have that checkbox enabled. Just give it a try.

  • Okay thanks, I'll see if I can track down a standard Rj11 cable - can you confirm that's all I need? That's certainly what it looks like.

    Thanks again.

  • RJ12 is the connection you need.

  • edited March 24

    Well I suppose they needed more pins than a standard 2-pin RJ11. At least they used a standard jack type.


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