ClubSport V3 Throttle too soft

Is there any way to stiffen up the throttle pedal beyond adding the stiffer spring supplied with the pedal set? Mine feels too soft.


  • kris frostkris frost Member
    edited September 2020


    I'm not sure which set you got, I got the inverted. They came with a damper on the brake pedal. I took the damper off the brake and put it on the throttle. I got the load cell kit and use the stiffest pads the brake pedal is stiff and doesn't really move far enough for a damper.

  • Thanks, Kris. I did not get the inverted set. Did the damper stiffen up the throttle pedal? I also got the upgraded pads for the brake pedal so I'm not worried about that, It's the throttle I'm concerned with. I'm thinking of trying a stack of washers on each end of the spring but I don't want to get into a coil-bind issue. Thanks again.

  • Unscrew outer nut on the throttle rod in order to create additional preload on the spring - it will make it stiffer.

  • Thanks Georgi

  • best upgrade... damper will only made my thorttle sluggish. now the damper squeaks

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