Am I missing a cord?

So I unhooked everything a couple months ago and I'm setting it back up, and I can't get my PC to recognize the DD 1 base...

I have a data cord going from the data port to a data port in the back of my PC, but I could have sworn I used the USB/data cord but I can't seem to find that… Is that what I am missing?


  • You should have a USB cable going from the base to your PC, not a data cord. The data cords are for pedals and shifters to connect to the base?

    Did you connect a data cable from your base to your ethernet port? That might be the problem.

  • Yeah I found the cord.. now I'm 6 hours into uninstalling and installing and trying to get the firmware and drivers sorted.

    I just wish this was all easier.

  • Read the manual;) no kidding;) you lost them? Download from fanatec site.

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