Save standart profile for different Wheel Hubs


I have 3 wheels at the moment, where tow of them are connected to the wheelbase (DD2) per Podium Wheel Hub. It would be great if I could tell the wheel hub which wheel it is and assign different standard profiles for games in FanaLab.


  • edited March 2020

    How should the Hub know which rim is attached without any power connection? So when you attach a Podium Hub there is no way that FanaLab can differntiate between Hub 1 and Hub 2.

  • Has the hub no internal memory where you can safe it on? Then you could tell the hub trough FanaLab which wheel is attached and it saves it on the hub.

    Alternatively when mounting the hub, FanaLab could ask which wheel it is and setting the profile accordingly.

  • Don’t think this is possible, no.

    The Hub can only see if you have the BME attached with the usb cable, but that’s it. And Fanalab can’t load profiles according to the attached wheel but only default game profiles.

    also, it’s not that much work to manually load your Fanalab profile.

  • Was just a suggestion. It's not that mich work, that's true. Would just be cool if it would do that.

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