DD1 and Formula V2 rim

Hi all,

I purchased the DD1 and Formula V2 rim a few days ago.

When it arrived, I was really excited and immediately plugged it in to test.

However, there is an issue with the rim not shifting up or down at certain times and LED lights on the rim not working as it should at times (lights will not turn on sometimes).

I tried to troubleshoot the problem and found that when the FF is turned right down (e.g. 10 or less), the shifting issue seems to go away.

Has anyone experienced an issue like this? When I contacted support, they just tell me to do the obligatory "try uninstalling and reinstalling driver XXX". I have tried all driver from 335 to 356 and updated FW for the steering wheel and motor.

Really disappointed I am experiencing issues right out of the box for such a premium product...

I really think they should take this back and send me out a new batch. Or will I have to send this away to fix?

Thanks for your help.



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    Can you verify if the wheel rim is fully pushed on? Which game is this happening in and are you using Fanalab? Just need a few more details before suggesting you reach out to support.

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    Hi Joseph,

    The issue happens with iRacing and Formula 1 2019 as these are the only two games I play. I have also confirmed all the pins on the rim are intact and the wheel is fully pushed into the DD1 base and locked. I have also tried tightening the hex screws inside the rim as suggested by Support.

    The issue happens with Fanalab installed and also with Fanalab uninstalled.

    The issue has happened on all PC drivers I have tried (e.g. 335, 347, 356) with all firmwares updated.

    I have also found that when the shifting issues occurred, the buttons stop working too which makes me think when the issue occurs, the whole rim does not function. When the shifting comes back, the buttons work again.

    I have raised a support ticket but they have not issued an RMA. It's just disappointing the issue occurred on the first day of me receiving the product from Fanatec.

    Would really just like them to just replace it for me. I just cannot tell if the issue is with the DD1, the rim or a combination of both... :(



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