ClubSport Pedals V3 Damper Kit

I find that the V3 pedals even with the performance kit require a little less force to reach full pressure, I find I lock up more with these because of this, would the damper kit fix this. I don’t want more pressure through the travel just before it gets to the end limit.


  • The damper kit will allow more travel again depending on the settings you use.

    Did you try different brake force settings after installing the brake performance kit? Which combo did you choose?

  • Thanks for the reply, yes I tried the medium, hard and now very hard, they all require the same final pedal pressure but the harder they are the stiffer the pedal is, Fanatec have been real good, they sent me a new loadcell and then the control board, but with no change to the ultimate pressure required, I think they are probably as they were intended but for me I would like a little more resistance as the CSL Elite have, I have seen so many YouTube videos on these pedals before and after purchase but I have not seen any mention of this problem? I going to try using them with socks and see if that helps.

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