Starting to lose my patience with the Podium Porsche GT3 wheel

When is Fanatec going to update this wheel so it actually works fully. To make matters worse it keeps cutting out/crashing halfway through racing which is not good at all. Do I just throw this wheel in the bin?


  • You can send it to me. I'll take it off of your hands.

  • It sounds like ongoing software issue. A lot of the beta developers who work at Fanatec need to be sacked and perhaps they start again. Surely it can only come down to lack of skills, experience or incompetence!

    I have never seen a company with so many supporting software stuff ups.

  • Yeah this is getting to be ridiculous would like some kind of update from them and if they want I'll try out any updates for them for free [email protected] please email me if you see this fanatec

  • Just upgrade to their latest beta driver and firmware and start testing. You can send a PM to Marcel Pfister (Fanatec employee) with your feedback, he seems very helpful to any defects and is trying help as much as he can, bringing the data and information back to the development team. You can see his answers in many threads and he started the Beta versions of the driver in each thread.

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