DD1, new install, hammering sound


I freshly put my new DD1/v3i/Porsche Rim on my rig (SL GT1) last night and today started the process of driver installs, and setting up the various levels of feedback as per Fanatec's website for iRacing. Finally got everything loaded up and seemingly good, but when I started up my test, the best thing that I could say I heard was a jackhammering sound coming from the wheel.

I wanted to confirm that all connections to the rig, and the rig itself are secure, and they were, so I started testing, and went into the Wheel config program and noticed the FFB test function, which replicated this exact noise. I insured that the gold nut on the DD1 Podium was in place, same noise; so now I'm here. Does anyone have a suggestion that I should follow?

Drivers are:

PC Driver: 356

Wheel Base Firmware: 670

Wheel Base Motor Firmware: 38

Steering Wheel Firmware: 9

Podium Hub Firmware: 2

Thanks for your assistance is what is hopefully just an oversight on my part.


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