Fanatec Drivers wont show calibration menu?

Hi everyone, I did search a bunch before posting this but I can't find anything.

I just got my CSL Elite PS4 setup in, and hooked up. I've installed the latest drivers on my PC and I installed FanaLab.

I opened the Fanatec Wheel Property Page, and it sees my Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base PS4. when I double click on that however I get this:

As you can see Fanalab doesn't see any of the devices either (I have clicked the refresh button). The right panel is all I see when I double click on the controller. I did restart my PC after installing everything as well.

I'm supposed to get this

How do I get these menus to show up?


  • You are in the wrong mode (supposedly PS4 mode). Switch to PC mode and you get the correct property page.

  • God I am so dumb... I'm so sorry for the stupid question! I feel bad wasting your time however that solved it and I can keep moving forward! Thank you so much for taking the time to deal with the stupidity that is me.

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