Simucube experience/.....bad one


I wanted to share a story about purchasing experience with Simucube 2 on SimRacingBay.

To add overview, some time ago I received proposal of starting new YT channel about motosport.

One of the main idea was to have professional sim rig which will be used during show.

Our sponsor and investor decided (after some market check) to go for Simucube 2 Ultimate.

We started to organize rest of equipment (from many other sim racing companies as well).

Last part was base itself which we ordered last Sunday….and here starts crazy stuff.

We paid around 5 k euros for whole order and today we are waiting for refund, as reseller claims that there was some kind of weird hacker attack on his web shop. He basically ask DHL to send back order o a day of delivery. When we realize it we contacted reseller for explanation and support. For over a week he was saying that he is checking situation, he didn’t want to at least have a phone call with us saying that he will after situation gets fixed. We beg for support and for receiving goods for which we have paid. We explain and proven that we exist and we are not any kind of thief. We inform about our YT plan and schedule but it didn’t help. Today we received information that reseller made decision about refund (one week after, money was still on his account, also we have confirmation that  he know about whole situation for a week). Now we don’t have budget for wheel base and base it self. We will also most likely lose one of our sponsors, and cannot do anything about it as weekend is almost here.

On this Saturday we were supposed to lunch and start channel with some nice quest and event.

You may ask why I’m writing it here on Fanatec forum….

Many times I saw bad things about Fanatec support, but never we had any issues with them.

Of course there were some problems with devices but always we were sure that somebody will solve our problem.

Now we need to wait and see if we will actually receive our money back as Simcube has this weird way of reselling.

Remember guys maybe there are sometimes some issues with Fanatec support but at the end you are dealing with proper company who will help you. We took our lesson and will never deal with this small one man companies.

We want to share our story so next time somebody will think Fanatec  vs. Simucube they will also think about other stuff not only device itself.  Please keep finger crossed for us, we will not give up and do what we wanted hope it will be success.


  • Yeah Yeah Cool story Bro🤔

  • So what's the update please??

  • Bump, Update?

  • Hello All,

    At the end we purchase from different reseler, who take care about us. Experience with unit itself is weird. On one hand is't great device but when you look on price you are paying for it, well it shoud be more. Box is just cardboard, software wise still some issues. Mounting is not fix properly and you need to fix it yourself or buy third party one. As I said before Fanatec still has some job to do regarding quality control and customer contacts. But overall it looks much more profesional and polished. Also I think what is worth mention, is if something happen to your Simucube they send you back to your resseler which are usually some small comapnies (today they exists tomorrow who knows) so in worst case scenarion you might end up with broken unit. With Fanatec I think this situation will not happen as they do all by themsefl and are just to big.

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