CSL Elite Racing Wheel PS4 center position


I am a new user of this great product. Just move from Logitech G29 to Fanatec. I am very happy to make this purchases. Just a quick and maybe a dumb question about the wheel centered position. I have calibrate the wheel. No issue whatsoever in playing ps4 games. But i kind of curious, when powering off, the wheel seem to stay on its centered position. But sometime it will tend to be about 5-10 degrees off position to the left. Also when powering on before the wheel enter its auto calibration, the wheel will stay on its off centered position, I don’t want to move it because it feels quite tight to move the wheel to it center position and I don’t want to ruin the internal . Is this normal. But once it auto calibrated, it stayed on the centered position and work superbly. May be someone can help me to clarify this thing just to make my worries go away. Hihi.

All your responses, I begin with thanking you. Sorry my english is not so good, hope you guys could understand what I am trying to convey.

Thank you.


  • That is normal for belt driven wheel bases. Especially when they are new. The belt has adapted/formed to the position it was at during not using the wheel. With more use it will lessen a bit.

    If you want to have it less noticeable it's best to not store the wheel around the center position. But turn the wheel a quarter to the left or the right.

  • This, mine arrived and was slightly off centre when turned off etc. I saw a very similar comment to this one which also references the belt being affected by temperature changes during shipping etc. I have since taken to setting my wheel 90 degrees left or right when not in use and now the issue has disappeared.

    To confirm, this had no affect when using the wheel, only cosmetically when not in use.

  • Thanks Pasqual Demmenie and Rob Mckie on the information. Will try to do that when not using my wheel. Thanks again. Really appreciate your explanation. 🙂

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