V3 Pedal Issue w/ Latest Patch

Since the latest patch, my teammate and I have had identical failures, both in the AMG GT3, both using V3 pedals.

I am running PC driver 356 (first clip). He is running PC driver 345 (second clip).




  • Have you verified the pedal inputs with the driver window and also tested in other games? You might need to calibrate your min/max settings.

    There are no known pedal issues so it could also be an iRacing side problem.

  • RE: iRacing patch notes

    Brake, wheel, and XBox rumble motors are now driven with an analog signal.

  • Same here. Never had that issue before. Feels like the v3´s have no connection for like 15sec or so.


  • I have the same issue but only with the pedals hooked up to the DD2. If I connect the pedals directly they work flawlessly. I used the cheap cable that came with the DD2 base for the pedals. If I hook up direct to pc, I use the nice thick cable that came with the pedals.

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